Amway Nutrilite Powders Production Plant

    Designed and constructed to high GMP standards and practices, every material and detail for the new Nutrilite Powders Facility was scrutinized, planned and executed. Every aspect of this building, its components and its delivery supported our objective: to deliver a high-quality, high-performing production facility that supports Amway’s vision and business plan through the production of one of its best-selling and profitable food products: the Nutrilite brand.
    During pre-construction, Erhardt assembled and led the design team for the facility. The height of the building and the size of the rooms were designed to accommodate a combination of new and existing manufacturing equipment. Design and construction were phased to accommodate Amway’s production schedule so there were no disruptions in getting Amway’s top product to market.
    The relocation of Amway’s Nutrilite production from Lakeview, California, to the Ada, Michigan, campus involved years of planning and preparation from both a production and construction perspective. The building’s three-story structure was completed within 10 months, making way for a phased installation of process equipment. The project required six individual equipment phases to allow Amway to begin production in its new facility before ending production in Lakeview. Our BIM construction modeling aids us in ensuring utilities and services are installed in advance of equipment delivery, minimizing the downtime from equipment arrival to production.
    Erhardt’s role on the project was to assemble and lead the MEP design-build team, lead and coordinate the architectural and structural design, and manage the overall design and construction process.
    Leveraging technology and advancing our project delivery methods through continuous improvement is at the core of Erhardt’s methodology. From BIM and 3D modeling, project management best practices, to online collaboration tools, our methods were the perfect fit to deliver a custom-fit, high-performing project that met Amway’s objectives.

    Project at a glance

    • Client: Amway Corporation
    • Location: Ada, Michigan
    • Architect/Engineer: FTC&H
    • Footage: 68,663 square feet


    • Pre-Construction
    • Design-Build
    • Building Information Modeling (BIM)