Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We Build Buildings Before They're Built

The virtual environment lets us do what we cannot do in the physical world: build a building before it's built. Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, Erhardt creates a shared resource file packed with information that aids in the design and construction of a project, then becomes a valued resource for the life cycle of the building. 

With BIM, Erhardt creates a virtual model of the building from pre-construction design to completion, adding and changing essential components, such as building materials, environmental systems, site conditions and environmental factors. BIM also allows us to determine the sequence of construction, workflow management and other processes that affect schedules and budgets.

Because Erhardt's BIM specialists can create these virtual realities before construction begins, it helps avoid costly changes in the field after construction has started. The result is a higher quality building -- before and after -- it's built.

Erhardt’s BIM and 3-D Planning services were utilized on Amway's Nutrilite Soft Gels & Tablets Plant, an $81 million project at its 1,000,000 square-foot Spaulding site in Ada, Michigan.