Construction Management

We Manage the Details, Right From the Start

We take a holistic approach to construction management. Our goal is to provide a remarkable construction experience for our clients. We accomplish this by first learning everything we can about our client, their business and their most desired outcomes for the project. We ask more questions, promote up-front communication and deliver a project that is custom-fit to each clients unique needs. Our long-range vision, pre-planning and attention to detail result in fewer surprises along the way. The result? Our clients tell us they sleep well at night knowing we are on the job. We are the “we’ll take care of it” contractor. 

How We Do What We Do

Scheduling. Our approach to scheduling is to be detailed and aggressive. We set the direction for the entire project and promote detailed communication between all stakeholders on how to get there. We maintain a master construction schedule and monitor the day-to-day progress of a project to ensure accountability and results.

Communication. Effective communication is essential for a successful project. We make it easy for information to flow through our projects through a variety of methods. Each project has a dedicated project website for sharing information. We hold regular meetings on our job sites between all project stakeholders. Our meetings are focused on looking ahead, planning and execution. 

Expediting. Successful projects are the result of planned events. Establishing lead times for construction drawings, materials and labor is essential for accurate scheduling. Through proper scheduling, potential problems are identified early, which gives our team the opportunity to find solutions. 

Quality Assurance.  Erhardt’s Zero Defect approach to quality ensures our projects are delivered according to the contract documents and our clients' expectations. Quality and performance is more than an expectation, it is a process that needs to be planned, communicated and executed. Real quality goes far beyond how a building looks. It includes how it performs over time. Erhardt’s Quality Assurance Program has been developed over decades of experience, and it is the best way to ensure we first meet, then exceed, our clients’ expectations for quality and performance.    

Safety. The safety of all project stakeholders is our No. 1 priority. We continuously work with the project team to develop project-specific and task-specific safety plans. We train our employees on all of the latest standards and best practices. We conduct internal audits on all of our projects.   

Project Closeout. We have a saying around our company: “Finish Well." Turning a project over to our client is one of the most rewarding parts of the construction process. Closing out a project needs to be approached with the same attention to detail and aggressiveness as any other critical phase. We begin this process well in advance of project completion, so that when we are done, our clients are fully prepared to operate their building.