We Start at the Beginning

You’ve been mulling over the idea for your construction project for months, maybe years, and now, you’re ready to take the next step.
Erhardt Construction’s Pre-Construction Service walks you through the entire process of design, materials selection, budgeting, cost control, engineering and scheduling. We make sure it’s right from the start, before a shovel hits the ground.

Pre-Construction Services

Our Pre-Construction Services include:
  • Evaluating the scope of your project
  • Cost estimating and accurate budgeting
  • Design reviews
  • Value engineering
  • Permitting
  • Compiling a bidding list and soliciting bids
  • Tabulation, review and recommendation regarding bids
  • Preliminary scheduling
  • Reviewing sustainable and LEED designs.

Why Clients Choose Erhardt

Erhardt is budget smart. Our general contracting, industrial construction and construction management experience has taught us incorporating cost-saving ideas early in the design process saves more time and money than making changes later in the process. We combine that experience with our large historical database of costs spanning a wide spectrum of projects. We also subscribe to a national job-cost database. Together, this gives our estimators an advantage for determining accurate costs based on real data.  
Once your budget is established, we stick to it. First, we make sure you have the information you need to make the best decisions possible for everything from whether to build sustainable and green to selecting the right materials for your project. Erhardt Construction's dedicated software system tracks accounting, cost control and project management, so we're always on top of the budget at every point in the process.
Our Value Analysis guarantees you the best building for your money. Value Analysis lets us determine the most cost-effective systems or materials to guarantee your building will have the look and the functionality you want, within budget. We look at more than just initial cost, we also consider life-cycle cost, including maintenance, durability and energy savings. We'll walk with you as you consider the costs of alternative materials. We'll tell you how the materials will impact your project, and we'll work closely with you to keep costs within the original budget.
We’re On It! We set a pre-construction bidding schedule that promotes a sense of urgency. The schedule begins with the design process and includes designer services, client decisions and Erhardt Construction's Pre-Construction services. The schedule allows everyone on the team to track the progress of a project up to the start of construction so your project starts on time.