FASTRACK Clean Wall System

Erhardt's FASTRACK® Clean Wall System is specifically designed to provide a sterile environment for clean rooms, laboratories, environmental rooms, food production facilities and other types of controlled spaces.


Designed to be quickly assembled on-site to reduce installation time.

Ideal for new construction and renovations where existing walls need to be upgraded to an impact resistant, easily cleaned, aseptic environment.

The FASTRACK® Clean Wall System can be quickly and easily moved after installation for rearrangement of space to accommodate future needs.

Easy Access

Panels are non-progressive, which means any individual panel can be removed to access the area behind the wall panel without the need to remove adjacent panels.

Space behind the FASTRACK® Clean Wall panels can be customized to fit any dimension needed to accommodate mechanical and electrical conduits.

20-gauge galvaneal epoxy powder coated steel skin bonded to a non-outgassing, non-shedding, fiberglass reinforced gypsum core, forming a 1/2-inch thick panel.