Lean Project Delivery

Lean Construction, It's What We Do

Erhardt Construction pioneered the implementation of Lean Project Delivery in the West Michigan commercial construction market in 2005.

Lean Project Delivery is a production management-based approach to the project delivery and an aggressive way to build facilities. The goal is to maximize value and eliminate waste caused by unpredictable workflow. Applied to construction, Lean enhances the way work is performed throughout the delivery process. The benefits are significant. Through Lean's reliable workflow, projects are delivered better, faster and at a lower cost to our clients.

After seeing the astounding results of Lean processes on manufacturing, we knew we could use the same method to maximize value and drive down construction costs. So, that’s what we did back in 2005. And we’re still doing it.

“Lean” Maximizes Value, Minimizes Waste

It’s a proven fact. We know because we measure it.
As a general contractor and construction manager, an important part of our Lean process is measuring the number of commitments we keep on every project, every week. Erhardt Construction’s track record of keeping commitments beats the industry average by 42 percent. The result – we get projects done faster, with less waste, which saves our clients time and money.